Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

Save vs. Splurge- my favorite dupes! | KateBerlinSays

Hi Loves! As the first round of exams for this semester is done (wrote my last exam on animal nutrition this morning! woooo!), I am on to blogging more frequently again. Also, more retail therapy to get over the traumatic event called "Klausurenzeit" (Exam-time). 

I don't want to have to spend a ton of money on products which are (in my opinion) necessary. For some reason the 30€ purple lipstick I will wear once a year doesn't bother me, but my 26€ cleansing oil which I use everyday does! Anyone else have this dilemma? So without further ado (going on 4 hours of sleep for a while now, this might get ramble-y!) let's get started on my favorite dupes!

As I mentioned, my Cleanse-Off Oil is (in my opinion) too expensive for something I go through all the time. This is when I started playing with different drugstore makeup removers (Ugh. Just... no.) and oils! The coconut oil works just as well as a make up remover and takes off even the most durable, won't budge mascara. It also moisturizes my eye area and doesn't burn in the eyes at all. I like this much more than the MAC Cleanse-Off Oil and at 3.50€ I don't care about buying it either. (It also worked terrifically as a body moisturizer, eczema treatment and hair mask!)

I ran out of my Maybelline Age Rewind Undereye concealer a few weeks ago and since I was sleeping so little, I went for the Smashbox High Definition Undereye Concealer. In texture as well as coverage these are very similar. However, the Smashbox concealer has large pieces of glitter in it. They are so large in fact, that people have been asking me about the glitter under my eyes... Not good for such a splurge! However, the color range goes lighter than the Maybelline concealer. When I am darker I definitely prefer the Maybelline!
I hate using product pictures on here, but I wasn't going to buy a 30€ mascara, which I have a dupe for  at home! The brush, finish and longevity is identical. Dior does have the classier packaging, but for 3€ a pop, I am loving the Essence Get BIG! Lashes mascara. A perfect dupe for 1/10 of the price! 

Now this is another perfect dupe, so perfect in fact that my formerly holy-grail MAC Studiofinish concealer has been kicked to the curb! The Catrice Camouflage cream is about 2-3€ and is an exact dupe for the MAC concealer. It has the exact same consistency and comes in extremely light shades. The big drawback is that Catrice only offer about 3 shades, while MAC offers a wider variety. This tends to be the case with drugstore make up! As for coverage, consistency, longevity and price I much prefer the Catrice version!

What are products you love to splurge or save on? I would love to know! Glad to be back, this time for good! :)


I took both of the product pictures off of! :)


  1. Love finding frugal dupes! Coconut oil really does it all! xo


  2. Coconut oil is a great makeup remover.

    Another option for the mac cleanse off oil, is to make your own with jojoba, olive and evening primrose oil. Because those are the three used in the product I believe.

  3. great post! so excited now to buy the concealer by maybelline:-)
    L xx