Freitag, 7. März 2014

Apartment Details | KateBerlinSays

Hi Ladies! I am literally never home, except to sleep and get ready. Although I have been living in my apartment for almost a year now, I never did any decorating and never gave any thought to making my place more of a home. Recently, I have been at home a few hours more every now and then, and decided to change up a few details. This is the result! Enjoy :)

(yes, this is a dishtowel in a frame!)

Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

Recent Empties! | KateBerlinSays

Hi loves! I have been going through products like crazy lately, so here is yet another empties post. My upcoming posts will be of products which are full, not to worry! ;) I would love to know what products you recommend repurchasing instead of these and what have you used up recently which you have loved? 

Bioderma Micelle Solution: Ohhh yes, Bioderma really has taken over the Blogosphere, but for a good reason! This is so gentle and removes every last bit of make up. I have already repurchased another 500 ml bottle. Perfect!

Lavera Rose Garden Bodylotion: This is a Holy Grail of mine. It is the perfect size to take to the gym (toting around my Dream Cream is impractical and, let's be honest, unhygienic!) and it does not irritate my sensitive skin. This is the scent I hadn't tried yet and I have to say I much prefer the Orange or Lavender scents.

Batiste Dry Shampoo: This is another extremely hyped product. I love the smell of this, but much prefer the brunette version since I don't have to worry about any white powder residue in my hair!

Clarins Fix Make Up: This is my absolute favorite setting spray. However, I went through this in under a month and it is not cheap (25€!). This is why I never got around to doing a full review on this, it was used up so quickly, I barely had time to make up my mind. The fresh and light rose scent is heavenly and it kept my make up in place all day. I will definitely repurchase this after my spending ban is over when I finally purchase my Speedy 35!

Nivea Frangipani & Oil: I loved this shower gel. This is the only one I have tried so far which did not dry out my skin and actually felt like it was nourishing. While it won't completely hydrate my skin, it is a definite repurchase!

Essence Get BIG! Lashes: Lots of people have been absolutely loving the Essence mascaras, so I decided to ditch my Dior and Laura Mercier and give it a go. All I have to say is that I won't be purchasing high end mascara any time soon. This is a perfect dupe for the Diorshow mascara, as I mentioned in my last post. 

Maybelline Age Rewind Undereye Concealer: I have no idea why I didn't repurchase this. I am always on the hunt for a better concealer, but I already think I found the perfect one! When I have used up my Smashbox Concealer I am definitely going back to this.

TBS Honeymania Bodybutter: So there's always a little room for negativity...right? Well this is it. I absolutely hated this scent! I would only use it on my feet (as far away from my nose as possible) and when my boyfriend used it I would feel slightly ill every time I was around the scent for too long. Too sweet, too floral and too perfume-y. Usually I love these body butters, but this was a total fail! At least its all used up.

Thank you for stopping by! I would love it if some of you left the links to your blogs in the comment section, I am dying for more blogs to read since I have a mini break from uni (...and am procrastinating studying for my theoretical driver's license exam, what's new.) :)

xoxo, Kate

Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

Save vs. Splurge- my favorite dupes! | KateBerlinSays

Hi Loves! As the first round of exams for this semester is done (wrote my last exam on animal nutrition this morning! woooo!), I am on to blogging more frequently again. Also, more retail therapy to get over the traumatic event called "Klausurenzeit" (Exam-time). 

I don't want to have to spend a ton of money on products which are (in my opinion) necessary. For some reason the 30€ purple lipstick I will wear once a year doesn't bother me, but my 26€ cleansing oil which I use everyday does! Anyone else have this dilemma? So without further ado (going on 4 hours of sleep for a while now, this might get ramble-y!) let's get started on my favorite dupes!

As I mentioned, my Cleanse-Off Oil is (in my opinion) too expensive for something I go through all the time. This is when I started playing with different drugstore makeup removers (Ugh. Just... no.) and oils! The coconut oil works just as well as a make up remover and takes off even the most durable, won't budge mascara. It also moisturizes my eye area and doesn't burn in the eyes at all. I like this much more than the MAC Cleanse-Off Oil and at 3.50€ I don't care about buying it either. (It also worked terrifically as a body moisturizer, eczema treatment and hair mask!)

I ran out of my Maybelline Age Rewind Undereye concealer a few weeks ago and since I was sleeping so little, I went for the Smashbox High Definition Undereye Concealer. In texture as well as coverage these are very similar. However, the Smashbox concealer has large pieces of glitter in it. They are so large in fact, that people have been asking me about the glitter under my eyes... Not good for such a splurge! However, the color range goes lighter than the Maybelline concealer. When I am darker I definitely prefer the Maybelline!
I hate using product pictures on here, but I wasn't going to buy a 30€ mascara, which I have a dupe for  at home! The brush, finish and longevity is identical. Dior does have the classier packaging, but for 3€ a pop, I am loving the Essence Get BIG! Lashes mascara. A perfect dupe for 1/10 of the price! 

Now this is another perfect dupe, so perfect in fact that my formerly holy-grail MAC Studiofinish concealer has been kicked to the curb! The Catrice Camouflage cream is about 2-3€ and is an exact dupe for the MAC concealer. It has the exact same consistency and comes in extremely light shades. The big drawback is that Catrice only offer about 3 shades, while MAC offers a wider variety. This tends to be the case with drugstore make up! As for coverage, consistency, longevity and price I much prefer the Catrice version!

What are products you love to splurge or save on? I would love to know! Glad to be back, this time for good! :)


I took both of the product pictures off of! :)

Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

Kicked to the Curb! Products that didn't make the Cut | KateBerlinSays

Hey ladies!

Recently I completely purged my make up and skincare collection of anything I didn't use enough. I think I got rid of about 6 MAC Lipsticks which were just taking up space, foundations, primers, eyeshadows... everything. Of course I didn't think about making a post out of it until now, so these are my most recent purges! Also, in case you were wondering, none of these get thrown away I either sold them or gave them to someone else to use!

Benefit Stay Flawless Primer: This is like wax on my face and did absolutely nothing. I have to admit that other than the Fake Up concealer and the Hoola Bronzer I am really, really... really unimpressed by Benefit. Their products are far too expensive for what they are. Kudos on the packaging though.

Nuxe Dry Oil: I LOVE this, but I am a hectic crazy person about 90% of the time (the other 10% I'm sleeping, kind of.. I don't even do that well! My boyfriend was making up introductions about me the other day in the car. Normal, I know? He came up with: Girl who never sleeps. Accurate.). The point being, the top is too small and the product don't come out fast enough. I have now switched to an industrial sized bottle of cheap baby oil which is more up my alley... and all over my floor.

Make Up Store Lipgloss in LaLa: This has a great color, but it is so watery. The sales assistant talked me into this and as it usually is with pushy sales associates... I get scared, buy it and end up regretting it. I only used this once.

Bourgeois Loose Powder: This is brand new, but I love my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural so much, I don't really need or want this taking up space in my bathroom.

MAC Frankly Scarlet: Um, yuck. What was I thinking? Well obviously I was thinking, 'Wow, what a beautiful bright pink/red I must have it!' *runs to the cash register* The thing is bright red on pale almost white skin gives a (to me) very unflattering Snow White look, which makes me look like I have a fever.

Benefit Posie Tint: This just made me look like I was overheated instead of flushed and healthy, also it stained too quickly, leaving streaks on my face and pink fingers. No matter how I tried to apply this, I just didn't like it very much. Also, once it had 'stained' my face, it didn't last very long.

Brunny Brazil Vanilla Perfume: Eek! I bought this off of a recommendation of a German Youtuber, whose taste in scents I normally love. This smells way too sweet. I may have liked this when I was 13, but now it is just far too sickly sweet. Thank goodness it wasn't too expensive. I have learned my lesson about buying perfumes online.

Butter London Nailpolish in Gobsmacked: I just really don't like the color. I usually go for lighter nude shades or red.

Do you guys get rid of products you don't like or do you try and finish them off?

Have a great weekend!



Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

What I've been Buying at MAC Part 1 | KateBerlinSays

Hi Loves! It has been a while, I know. While I've been AWOL, I have been indulging in an unjustifiable amount of retail therapy. I sold all the make up I never used on Kleiderkreisel (like Craigslist for clothes and make up!) and instead of sticking to my new streamlined, minimalistic, I-know-exactly-what-I-have make up collection... I raided the MAC counter (like anyone believed for a second that I could show any shape or form of self restraint... Dad, I know you're shaking your head). These are all relatively hyped products, so I won't go into much detail.

The picture of my face is after running around university, going for lunch, studying and cleaning my apartment. My Mineralize Skinfinish Natural has kept everything perfectly in place. I am more than impressed by this and can't remember why I stopped using this!

The last few weeks my skin hasn't been looking its best, so I decided to invest in a highlighter and this the Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle lives up to the hype! It isn't overly glittery and is extremely finely milled. I don't ever want to give this up! Also, my absolute favorite make up artist at MAC recommended using my fingers to apply this- so much better than a brush!

Of course I had to get some paint pots because I am super lazy right now as it is exam time. The Rubinesque oddly looks like it is half empty already, although I just got it. This is a perfect bronzey, gold sheer color and it is so creamy. The Maybelline Color Tattoos feel dry and awful compared to this. Bare Study is another classic and this champagne tone is perfect for those days when you don't look your freshest (is that even a word? I've been speaking/writing too much German lately!).

MAC Face and Body: I have found my dream face cream (hint: it's Clarins. Post soon, I promise!), so I have been enjoying that with a foundation more than my usual BB Creams or tinted moisturizers. This is water based and has sheer coverage which is completely buildable. No break outs, no irritations and it lasts all day long- I am obsessed! Also, the fact that MAC makes shades light enough for us vampires (I'm C1, in case you're wondering!).

Lastly, I caved after years of debating this purchase, I caved and got the Hoola Bronzer (side note: I think my boyfriend thinks I am crazy. While we were at the cash register about to pay for some other make up items I had a sudden change of heart. After all but hyperventilating about my decision, I sprinted from the cash register to the second floor of the shop we were in, grabbed the coveted bronzer and returned sweaty and out of breath. He couldn't quite believe the level of crazy a "small box of powder" could induce... pshhh men, am I right?!) My 'you had to be there' Hoola Bronzer story was so worth it, this is the first non-orange bronzer I have ever had. Why did I not just cave when I was 15?

This is part 1 of a very extensive haul, but this post would just be crazy long otherwise!

Have you been doing any shopping lately? I'm glad to be back!