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Why I Love a Good Bath | Beauty

Hi loves! Sorry I have been such a flake recently. Life has been getting in the way somehow and university is really hectic at the moment... Add 4 hours of spinning a week to that and I am exhausted by the time I get home. This is why I absolutely love a good bath. It gets cold and wet and gross in Berlin this time of year and slipping into hot water with your favorite music, book or tv show is an unparalleled pleasure!  I have seen so many posts on Lush bath bombs (I did one myself recently), so I decided to go with something a little different!

These are the bath oils and bubble baths I have recently been loving. I am afraid I have only seen the Tetesept bath oils in a few European countries ( ships internationally!), but let me know if you have seen them anywhere else!

Tetesept Rücken Wärme Bad: This is translated ‚back warming bath’ and oh my gosh, it may not exactly ‚warm your back’, but it smells so herbal and delicious. The bath  water does turn a weird brow/yellow shade, but it is forgiven because it smells heavenly. This is great for anyone who doesn’t like sweet scents in their bath.

No surprise, I love sweet!

Tetesept Egyptisches Kleopatra Bad: This is ‚egyptian cleopatra bath’, which smells like milk and honey. Enough said, right? But seriously, this smells really comforting, not too sweet and makes your bath water look and feel like milk. My skin feels hydrated and smooth after this. This is by far my favorite, except that there is a lack of bubbles. Not cool.

Kneipp Sinnliche Verführung: This means ‚sensual seduction’ (I’m sure NARS had something to do with this?).  It smells really, really, extremely sweet and floral and has some bubbles. It also gives a milky touch to the water, but not as intense as the cleopatra bath.

The Body Shop Honey Bubble Bath: This is not only my favorite, but also my friend who I gave this to for her birthday. It smells sweet, but not too sweet with just the right amount of floral. Even my boyfriend always asks me if he can use my "honey bath goo", which tells me it isn’t too sweet even for the opposite sex. And this is bubbles galore! Just be careful, some of it sinks to the bottom if not properly dissolved and I have slipped on more than one occasion!

What are some of your favorite bath oils? Do you prefer showers? Let me know!

As always, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. You guys are the best!

Xoxo, Kate

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