Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

Holiday Gift for the Beauty Girl: NARS Blush Palettes

Hi everyone! Instead of doing one big holiday gift guide, I have decided to post a few smaller ones with one or two present ideas. This makes it less to take in at once and also gives me time to let you know about any great ideas I have had or any deals I have found. Today I have chosen the NARS holiday palettes.

I know everybody and their mom on YT is talking about these, but I actually picked one up for myself (Killing Me Softly Blush Palette) and oh my! This is really great value as one single blush clocks in at $30 (!) and you can try 4 products for $42. This is an amazing gift for anyone just starting out with make up or already has what may seem like everything. They can pick and choose different blushes and experiment with different looks. These have a lot of NARS's signature shades mixed in with shades which aren't so common

For someone who travels a lot or carries their make up around with them this is ideal because, not only do you have different blushes to choose from, it also comes with a highlighter. A big win in my book! If you are unsure what color would suit someone, these are pretty universal with 'Orgasm' (included in the 'Killing Me Softly' palette) being the quintessential universal blush. Also, if one shade doesn't work for them, chances are high the others might!

This is definitely one of my top picks for this season and at such great value (and who doesn't look beautiful sleek packaging) you really can't go wrong.  These palettes are a really nice gift for all the women in your life, no matter what age or coloring!


  1. I love that Splendor in the Grass pallet!
    Thanks for the post and the handy chart!