Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Style Clinic | Stylature

Style books can be a bit of a hit or miss. I am a big fan of the Lauren Conrad books; however, I feel like I may have outgrown them. For teenagers I think these are great as they really cover the basics and set a foundation for future style adventures.

I wanted to start this series on style, makeup and fashion books because, clearly, if you are reading this you enjoy reading about good style as much as I do. Let‘s kick it off with Style Clinic by Paula Reed.

So many fashion and style books are all about the stylist- what they have accomplished, and who they have dressed... Honestly, I might be completely egotistical and terrible when saying that when I read a book supposedly giving me advice, I want it to be about yours truly, not the stylist. Clearly, I am looking for good advice, not to ooh and ahh over their accomplishments (they might as well print their CV and call it a day).

Paula Reed infuses her intelligence into great style.

The book is tailored to any woman's needs and she is clear and direct (often written in bullet points- remnants from her time at Grazia?). Her tips are wearable, budget friendly and based on your already personal style.

                                     (my personal style in a very messy room!)

We all like to think that we will rock that tight leather dress or those hot sky-high lace heels, and while we may do this once in a while, it is not the most sustainable wardrobe in the long run. (restricting leather or lace shoes in rain running errands...? Um, heck no.) Paula clearly thinks so too as she is constantly reminding you to be realistic about your lifestyle.

One of the key ingredients to this book's success is  not only does it cater to everyone, her tips are also completely translatable on a budget as she does not throw around designer names constantly (although she clearly has a thing for the Birkin), which doesn't make you feel like an 800$ bag is what you need to complete the outfit.

Paula Reed is the previous Grazia style director and recently stepped up as the fashion director at Harvey Nichols- now this is a stylish force of nature if you ask me! Not to mention her writing is fresh and interesting. Think Vogue meets Cosmo meets... literary genius. She is that good. Not only is her advice bullet proof and accessible, but it underlines her expertise and brings life to even the most simple outfits she describes.

Conclusion: Go and get this book and get it fast- everyone needs this in their life! It is a staple for any fashion girl as it is simply about cut, fabric and fit of the clothing and your realistic wardrobe needs. Her advice is ageless, timeless and simply darn good.

What are your favorite style books? Do you want me to write another post on make up books? 
I will be reviewing Alexa Chung's new book It next!

PS. looks like I won't have my Macbook for a while- until then it will be iPhone pictures! Sorry :(


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