Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Structured Skater, Antique Bracelets

The structured skirt is really well made considering its from Topshop. The material is thick and it is lined which I find is central to how the skirt falls. The texture is very on season for this fall. This could be nicely combined with something very soft such as an angora or cashmere sweater. 
I wore these bracelets which are both antique. Antique jewelry is a great way to personalize any outfit as most people won't have it. I like to take mine to the jeweler to get cleaned and reclasped (a lot of old clasps don't hold very well!). The blue bracelet is from Jordan and the right bracelet is from Chicago. 

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Topshop Skater
Black Loafers (ASOS alternative)
Zara Bag


  1. love this outfit on you! and it's just my style.

  2. Love this skater skirt on you, doll! Looking laid back and gorgeous. :)


  3. Thanks for stopping by at my blog!

    Great skirt!

    Following you now on bloglovin and would love you to follow me too :)

    Chris x

  4. Nice outfit! You look so cue :)